Adora side visual
Location map of Adora Business Park Sofia||||| Airport||||| Adora Business Center||||Click То Мап| NDK||||| Eagle Bridge||||| Simeonovsko shose Blvd.||||| Malinov Blvd.||||| Okolovrasten pat Blvd.|||||

Adora Business Center is located in the southern part of Sofia directly against Business Park Sofia that has established itself as the most active business location in the capital.

Roads in the vicinity as Okolovrasten pat /Ring Road/, Bistrishko Shose and Alexander Malinov Blvd. as well as the metro station in a process of building, contribute to the rapid movement from the complex to Sofia Airport and downtown.

Near the complex there are stops for buses 76, 213, 214, 111 and 413 which ensure quick and easy access to major districts in Sofia